Ace NiTi TEE System Asortate

NiTi TEE® este un sistem foarte economic de ace rotative din nichel-titan care pot fi folosite pentru un tratament mecanic al canalului mai usor, mai rapid si mai sigur.



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NiTi TEE® is a very economical system of nickel titanium files with bigger taper to be used in for easier, quicker and safer, mechanical root canal treatment. Flexible and effective, the files are to be used mainly with CROWN DOWN method of treatment.
Intro NITI TEE® kit consists of 6 nickel titanium instruments - files of K and S type.

The unique „S" flute design with two 90 degrees cutting edges and safe tip, enables fast and efficient treatment. NITI TEE® files are used with endodontic contra-angle hand pieces with a speed of 150 - 300 rpm.


  • asortate nr 20 - 25 - 30
  • lungime 17 mm  - 23 mm 
  • cutie 6 buc
Ace de canal Instrumentar rotativ

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